The Kiribati Islands Football Association (KIFA) is receiving assistance from Ben Schultz in drafting a strategic plan for the 5 year plan period 2017-2021. Mr Schultz is in Tarawa working on a NZ funded project for constructing classrooms throughout Kiribati. The KIFA is now holding meetings with Mr Schultz to move the strategic plan forward with the hope that it will be completed in March 2017.

Ben has spent over 20 years working in governance throughout the Asia-Pacific region with an emphasis on public financial management and project management.  In the Pacific alone his work has taken him to Tonga, Solomon Islands, Fiji, FSM and now Kiribati where he works with the Kiribati Islands Education Improvement Program.  Whilst working on development programmes he devotes much of his spare time to the development of football, focusing on the administrative, planning and governance aspects of the game.

Ben Schultz (44) is Australian citizen and is married and he resides in Tsushima, Japan.

KIFA expresses its heartfelt thanks to Mr Schultz for his kind help in drafting its strategic plan.

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